Below you will find Reno businesses and homes that we have provided security, communication and IT services for. It’s important for us to provide security for Reno businesses and homes, all while ensuring the security devices look clean and sleak. We believe providing security for Reno businesses and homes makes our community safer and more appealing.

ID Tech Camps

Here, we installed cabling for IP camera systems, access control, and intrusion alarm system. We implemented a 32-channel network video recorder, cable management, 23 surveillance cameras (up to 5 mega pixels inside and outside for 360-degree coverage), intrusion alarm systems including motion alarm sensors, door contacts, and glass breaks. We also installed access control systems on 3 doors.

Identity Apartments

At these new UNR apartments, we installed data cabling for cameras, an office network, tenant common areas, install redundant network video recorder servers, 77 high-definition cameras, IT server room racks and cable management, office management network including: gateway/firewall, switches, access points, cloud control, and UPS. We also installed and configured access control systems for 7 common area doors. The configuration of these systems is ongoing maintenance that we provide.

Coffee Bar

At everyone’s favorite coffee spot, we designed and installed IP video surveillance system with 10 cameras, a multi zone audio system, simple control automation for system control, and 6 x 47” LG video wall displays. We installed and configured network gateway, firewall, POE switch, and wireless access points. Cloud management software and hardware was also provided. For communication purposes, an analog telephone adapter for VOIP service for installed for management of the guest wireless system.


At another UNR apartment complex, we designed and installed a campus wireless network for a 7 building apartment complex.  We installed point-to-point radios, connecting buildings together with speed up to 500mbps. There are 14 access points installed over the 7 buildings. Speeds average around 100mbps no matter where you are.

Fleur De Lis

At these luxury townhomes in South Reno, we installed 23 high-definition cameras, a 32 channel network video recorder, a license plate recognition camera, and a public view monitor.  This high-end complex is now fully integrated with the latest security technology making it safe and secure for it’s community members.

Connecting Technology
to the Human Network.