IT Support

Connecting Technology to the Human Network

Remote Support

$20 per 15 Minutes
  • Friendly Staff
  • Secure Connection
  • Cost Effective
  • Shorter Down Time

In-Store Support

$75 per Hour
  • No Travel Charges
  • Equipment Safe Enviroment
  • Equipment Off-Site

On-Site Support

$85 per Hour
  • Personable Staff
  • Short Down Time
  • Knowledgeable Techs
  • Customer Focused

Managed IT Subscription

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  • Direct Contact with Specific Technician
  • System Monitoring
  • Flexible Support Time
  • Quick Response Time

Managed IT Services F&A

Why would I use Managed IT Services?
  • Reduce Operating Cost:
    • Eliminate hiring costs
    • Eliminate employment taxes
    • Eliminate health insurance cost
    • Eliminate training to keep IT skills updated
  •  Company Focus
    • Lets all employees focus on company core goals.
  • Gain Access to IT Specialties
    • Collective IT experience of an IT team, not just one IT professional
    • Proper industry training and certifications
  • Opens up Internal Resources
    • Staff with additional duty of IT will be able to focus on their intended purpose
    • Hire staff to improve company's core, increasing companies quality, service, speed, or cost
  • Reduce Risk
    • Knowledge and experience dramatically reduces risk of implementing wrong equipment and services
  • Knowledge of Network
    • More IT staff knowing background of network
  • Security of Network
    • Disgruntled(especially IT Staff) employees are the number one threat to networks
What are the Risks in Managed IT Services?
  • Right fit
    • For both a new hire or outside vendors, personalities matter
  • Loss of Control
    • Managed IT staff is not fully managed by staff
    • Confidentiality of data
    • Disaster recovery
  • Employee morale
    • replacing jobs with outsourced company
    • employees may wonder if jobs are at risk
  • Locked in
    • No documentation of network, systems, or software
    • Contract lengths
    • Passwords for systems
What do I get out of Managed IT Services?
  • Access to the Latest Technology
    • More than one IT professional with different core competencies
    • No need to send staff to courses in the rapidly growing IT world
    • Outsource company works with many other companies knowing different products
  • Cost Savings
    • Leaner overhead
    • purchasing options for hardware and software
    • Government regulation compliance
  • High Quality IT Staff
    • Core competency of staff in IT, with multiple members
  • Flexibility
    • Outsourced company have multiple resources available
  • Job security and burnout reduction for regular employees. Using an outsourced IT company removes the burden from your staff who has taken on more than he or she was hired for because "someone needs to do it." You will establish a better relationship with your employees when you let them do what they do best and what they were hired to do.
Why should I do a Managed IT Subscription with OTS?
  • Will be assigned a direct IT representative
    • No guessing who will answer your phone calls
    • Direct line to support your assigned tech
    • Scheduled Face-to-Face time to ensure systems are up
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance program 
    • Every subscription comes with dedicated system maintenance and monitoring
  • Documentation
    • Ensures back-up and continuous support
    • Can measure work quality
  • Proactive IT oversight
    • Monitors systems remotely to see issues with systems
    • Monitor for Adware
    • Monitor for updates
    • Monitor for hardware usage levels
  • Plans based on your business not OTS
    • Every subscription is designed around your needs