Access Control

Connecting Technology to the Human Network

Why Access?

  • Identification
    • The main aim of an access control system is to protect your building from unauthorized access, and control the movement of people within. For this reason, the system must enable you to determine the identity of any individual entering the building, or accessing any of the secure areas within the building.
  • Authentication
    • After the system has identified an individual, it is imperative that his/her identity is authenticated to ensure that only the right persons are granted access. You can achieve authentication using a variety of methods including passwords, encryption keys, smartcards, and fingerprints.
  • Authorization
    • With successful authentication, building access control systems are able to grant individuals, access to the building or other restricted areas, based on the set criteria.

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Benefits of Access

  • Electronic keys are extremely difficult to duplicate
    • While physical keys can fall into the wrong hands and be easily manipulated, copied, and distributed, such is rarely the case when keys come in an electronic form. 
  • You never have to worry about losing your key
    • Because access control requires no physical key, you never again have to worry about losing your key or forgetting it somewhere and locking yourself out of your home or business. 
  • Access control is customizable for each user
    • Access control allows you to minimize your exposure to risk by never granting more access than is absolutely required for each specific user and in any given situation. With access control you can quickly and easily set user-level controls by either specific location or time. 
  • Electronic keys allow for remote access
    • Easily one of the most convenient benefits of access control, your system can easily allow you to “buzz in” individuals when you are not there to do so yourself. 
  • Access control allows for history logging
    • Access control provides you with added security and greater peace of mind, because every time access is granted to your property it is logged and recorded for later review, if necessary. 

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The Top Three Selling Factors With Today's Access Control Systems

End user customers today expect more — not a little more, but a lot more.Secure, integrated, future-proofed and convenient are buzzwords that have substance behind them, and users look for those characteristics in the systems and services they purchase for their business. Users also want the latest technology they use in other areas of their life; they don’t want to manage it themselves; and they want best of breed in everything.

Access Control as the Backbone of Integration

Immediacy and responsiveness are two reasons why an access control-centric system may be best

Jeremy Krinitt - Wednesday, March 19, 2014


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